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Computerized Jacquard Card Punching Machine

Fancy Textile a company from India is manufacturing computerized Jacquard Card Punching Machine. Same machine can punch different width and length of cards of same pitch e.g. can punch 200, 400, 600, 800 and 900 hole cards of Hardekar pitch. Also . read more

Available Models:

  • Quick Card HF2 ?Card Punching Machine along with manual card feed mechanism(Hand Feed)
  • Quick card AF2 ?Card Punching Machine along with Automatic card feeding mechanism(Auto Feed)


And both models can punch the card of different pitch-

  • Hardekar Pitch for compress card
  • Hardekar pitch for 2mm thick card
  • Handloom pitch for 2mm thick card
  • NGS pitch for plastic and compressed card
  • Fine 4mm pitch for compress card



  • Punching without mistakes
  • Punching on higher speed
  • Easy of punching selected mending / repairing cards
  • No point paper printing required for punching
  • Long duration of working
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Work with any CATD/CAM software


Technical Specifications:

  • Size : 1200 X 600 X 1200
  • Weight : 120 Kg.
  • Power : 3 Phase, 0.75KW(1HP), 960RPM, 440V (Also available in 1 Phase)
  • Machine RPM : 240 Punch Lines / Min. ?Production : 200 cards of 600 hooks per hour
  • PC Hardware : Minimum Pentium 3 compatible with Microsoft Windows 95
  • Software : Microsoft Windows 98 based specialized user friendly software

Computerized Jacquard Card Punching Machine


Click here to see video clip




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